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This is a continuosly growing collection of my favorite pictures. I took them during travelling or just around the corner. Motives vary from nature, people, city views or food. Whatever crosses my lense. Currently a lense mounted to my new Fujifilm X-S10. After 12 years, I sold my old Nikon S70s and all lenses …. but are very impressed with the skills of my new camera. For me it’s however still a long way to go to really master it, and also to be fully equiped with (more) lenses.


September/October 2022. In Urugay I tried my new camera at four relaxed places at the sea side during off-season. Montevideo (safely from our hotel room), José Ignacio (east coast), Kiyu-Ordeig (south coast) and Colonia del Sacramento. The nature and the locals were still in their own “off-season rythm“. We felt welcome to join them.